How to Prevent Cross Site Scripting(XSS) ?

What is XSS?

Cross site scripting is a security vulnerability which is ranked 7 in OWASP top 10. It allows attackers to inject malicious code(for example javascript) into a web page viewed by users. So its very important that developers are aware of these vulnerabilities to avoid having holes in their code.

There are mainly three types of XSS:                            Stored(persistent) XSS, Reflected(non-persistent)XSS , DOM based XSS.  Let’s consider them briefly. Continue reading “How to Prevent Cross Site Scripting(XSS) ?”

why website security audit is so important ?

 In most cases, successful attacks are done by using well-known techniques which harm your website. Fortunately, the damage is easy to prevent doing a thorough penetration test. Moreover, solutions often involve free updates and code errors which can be easily fixed. In other words, security measures ( for example website security audit ) don’t require that expensive repairs.

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